After I had finished my teachers training course in Maktab Perguruan Seri Kota, KL, I was posted to Pasir Mas, Kelantan. I had a boyfriend back in Ipoh then. Imagine the time really passed by so slowly.

One day, the school received a note informing about the closing date for transfer form to be submitted. I got the form from the office and I told my headmaster about it.

He said,
Bukan senang dapat balik asalkan kamu sudah berkahwin.

That gave me an idea. I actually proposed to my boyfriend when I went back to Ipoh.

Shall we get married, darling?

He replied, Of course, sweetheart! But why?

I need to come back! It's so boring in Pasir Mas. I miss u!

So off we went and got ourselves registered with 2 friends as our witnesses.

When I submitted my form with a copy of my marriage certificate, my headmaster was shocked!

Cikgu sudah berkahwin..?

Finally, at the end of the year, I got posted back to Perak. It was the happiest day of my life.

Sayonara, Pasir Mas.


  1. hi Wenn.. so now u r in Perak..definitely not IPOH, right? also govt line..i know how it is like not to be transferred back to your hometown.. at least somewhere near also is better than far far away..hor..

  2. Wah, like that also can....but then now modern time already....girl proposed to boys.....he he he!
    I can imagine, Pasir Mas, life would be kinda slow....

  3. god made you proposed. and so you did to realise your dream of coming back home to ipoh. =)

  4. hehee.. as long as it make your 'dream' come true.. you do what you can ya... :P

  5. hahaha... so good..

    if I ask my bf to marry me.. he would say.. erm.. but no money wor.. how to kahwin? wait 3 years later la.. =.="

    when he asked me to marry him, i would go on like.. HAR? I STILL SO YOUNG! I dont want.. =.="

    hahahaha... we are the lamest couple in the world..

  6. Fortunately your bf said yes. What if he said otherwise? Hehe..whack him :)

  7. Claire: right, I m in Ipoh..Btw, what were u last time?

    Pete: what to do? otherwise, I 'll be stuck in PM.

    SJ: ya, thank God.

    Cynthia: ya, had to do something to achieve my dream.

    Dolly: just enjoy yr date first.

    M Teng: If the ans was No, stuck in PM n left him for good lo.

  8. are smart lah. ;) Killing two birds with one stone. Suka sama suka, kahwin lor..hehe.

  9. cool! I think I have the ego of a man, cos' I never like making the first move. Hahah

  10. Hey Wenn, first time here :-D

    I love your love story; you're so cool & gutsy!

  11. thx, my friends..had to do that..haha..


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