Danone Dumex

Mamil Gold: Healthy System Improves Body Resistance

My hubby and I were invited to a Danone Dumex and Chinese Medical Hall Nutrition Seminar. It was held this evening at Oversea restaurant. Since we were one of the early-birds during registration, we had a lucky draw. Got a RM50 discount to be deducted from our previous invoice.

The Managing director, an English lady, spoke in English accompanied by Mandarin on the screen. The next 4 speeches were in Mandarin. Both of us hardly understood what they talked about. We just undersood those charts that were presented.

The most interesting part were the lucky draw. But we were unlucky, I suppose! The most valuable draws were the 916 gold.

Anyway, I enjoyed the food very much. I also loved the live band. The English singer was so well-versed in Mandarin, Cantonese and even Hokkien. She sang beautifully and got the people involved in her singing and dancing. Fantastic!

So much so, my hubby got drunk. I had to drive him back home!
The immune system is a complex network of organs and cells, that protects children from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances.


  1. Dad called me and i could hear the song from the surrounding but he didn't say a word. should look the key pad. haha.

  2. Hubby got drunk?.....drinking milk?....ha ha ha, just joking! LOL!

  3. haha. i love lucky draw but not so lucky!

    RYC: thanks for the comments!! pls come by again!

  4. got drunk in Danone Dumex and Chinese Medical Hall Nutrition Seminar??
    huh.. ?
    that is not milk talk meh?

  5. The 916 gold pendant's pretty.

  6. Dumex seminar n hubby got drunk???? goodness... ethan's been taking dumex since born.. he must be drunk since born till today! hahaha

  7. haha, he got drunk cos of too much carlsberg..

    ya, milk talk but got dinner after that.

  8. Wow, nice seminar...talk + dinner.

    I've no luck when it comes to lucky draw too.

  9. ya, free chinese style dinner, door gift too which was the mamil gold. I put it on sale at my hubby's shop.


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