My friend's wig

Sungai Rejang Flume Ride

Every time when I was at Genting Highland, I never liked to go for the theme park. But one day, a friend tricked both my friend and I into taking the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. We thought that it was just a simple boat ride.

So off we got into the boat waiting for us. The boat was moving slowly and suddenly I realised that it was going upwards at 45 degrees or so. Suspense, we were already at the top and went down, down also at 45 degrees.

What was in my mind at that time? I felt that I was going to be thrown out of the boat. Splash! We landed, still in one piece as the boat was still moving very slowly.

There was another one shot waiting for us. This time I was more prepared. I hold on tightly and holding on my breath, telling myself:

Don't be scared! Stay cool!

But my friend who was behind me shouted:

My wig! My wig!

We searched hurriedly and found it just underneath my seat. Nervously, we were ready for the second shot.

So the second one was sort of fun.


  1. that was really embarrasing moment for your friend.
    wah.. u experienced a lot of things.
    no wonder blog title is experiences la..

  2. luckily the wig didn't fly into the so-called river. haha.

  3. oh gosh..she really wears a wig? did u all have a good laugh? dare to? hahaha...
    last time i sat once before..i screamed and screamed..cos i m not the one for thrills..

  4. haha...the force is simply too great for the wig to fly down... :)

  5. sorry for your friend. I've tried the Flume ride once..scary lah..haha.

  6. good thing you were able to find the wig fast =)

    thanks for coming to my blog

  7. i think the wig was enjoying itself too, probably it was saying to the owner, since this is so exciting must as well i do it my self hahahahahah.

    hey take care now

  8. Haha! Lucky she did not lose her wig! Otherwise she would have to walk around bald headed! But really she should not feel embarrassed. There's nothing wrong wearing a wig! : )

  9. Oh dear, I feel sorry for your friend... but, I can't help laughing out loud; hahaha! (Sorry!)

  10. It's like going for a roller coaster ride but with the water effect thrown in! :)

  11. well, my friend had a good time too.

  12. i try it once, very scary, felt like to be thrown out from the log, that so scary, and the worst part is the splash, heee


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