Diarrhea Remains Second Leading Cause Of Death Among Children, Despite Effective Interventions:The Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

When my little girl was about a year old, she had diarrhea. I guess it was due to the milk bottle. I had stopped sterilising her bottles.

I took her to see a doctor and he advised me to admit her to the medical centre. I was so sad and in tears, I drove all the way and got her admitted.

I stayed with her and the nurse just gave my little girl oral rehydration salt dissolved in water as her drinks. She was hungry so I kept feeding her. When I asked for more of the salt, the nurse said:

You can't give her so much.

I replied,
What to do? She is thirsty.

Never mind about that. Even the doctor was bad. He wanted to take some blood from my girl to do a test. Each time he poked the needle into her tiny hand, she was struggling and crying loudly. Finally, so many bruises on her hand. I was so upset.

So I challenged the doctor,
You need to listen to me. I want to take my girl back. She will be ok back home.

The doctor had no say and let us out.

When I reached home, I simply get a soya based milk for her and she got better.

Regretted: I shouldn't have admitted her to the center. I had wasted quite a sum of money.


  1. Actually the danger sign of diarrhea is when the eyes turn white, that mean dehydration is at a dangerous level. That is the time to rush to the hospital. As long as we keep the baby hydrated then no need to stay in hospital. I went through the same problem when my son was on month old too....but the doctor told us he don't have to stay in the hospital.

  2. when kids get sick, we adults worry sick! when my girl was 5 months old, she was admitted for coughing, they did blood test too, injected her while she was sleeping, she didnt even stir, thank God... after 3 nights, we went home.. this is one of the perils being a parent, huh...

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog.

    Diarrhea is something not to be taken forgranted, his is indeed a nice post.

  4. i had never known that diarrhea would cost a baby's precious life. thanks for such post! =)

  5. hi wenn, nice blog you have here. I've added you in my link, if you don't mind.

  6. Hope your little one's feeling better now. Happy weekend! :)

  7. you've made the right choice-brought your girl home.

  8. sometimes our fear and worries are louder than our inner voices.

  9. yup, babies r special to all parents..


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