Plastic anyone?

I wrote a slogan,

Save the earth..
Say NO 2 plastics!

It's written on a love shaped apple green paper and I stuck it at the cash register. I was trying to promote the usage of paper bags as I made my own paper bags using the old brochures.

Well, some customers still insisted on plastics when I refused to put the small stuff into the plastic bags. Some understood the message very well and they themselves refused the plastic bags.

By coincidence, my little girl has just finished her Science folio last night. She did a lot of research on the Internet about pollution and managed to get it done all by herself. So when I browsed the folio this morning, I learnt something new:

Plastic packaging takes 400 years to degrade while
Newspaper takes 6 weeks to degrade.

Imagine that. Therefore, be eco-friendly and save the environment!


  1. PPL bring your own plastics & think of the environment, don't simply throw them into the rivers! many turtles ate plastics thinking it's a "special" jellyfish (eg: tesco jellyfish)
    Do recycle papers!!
    say no to polystrine!! bring ur own container!!
    it's bad for health when you put hot food in it.. =D

  2. Foam takes 50yrs 2 degrade while Styrofoam/Polystyrene takes 80 yrs.


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