Dentist Phobia

My little girl had a fantastic experience with the dentist.

Her two permanent front teeth had grown out but the two milk teeth were still attached. Worried that the new teeth would be slanted in, I took her to the dentist.

Havoc at the clinic when it was her turn to be attended to. The nurse and I had to grab hold of her but WOW, both of us were being pushed off. How powerful she was! Now, she is as powerful as ever. She can push anyone away with all her might.

Well, the dentist, the nurse and I gave up. I took my girl back home and asked her to pull out those teeth herself.

I didn't bother about that until one day, she showed me her teeth. Guess what!

Her two milk teeth was stucked in the piece of bread that she wanted to eat.


  1. the dentist must have prayed that someday someone or something would help her two milk teeth to release themselves from the little girl's gum after the havoc at the clinic. haha.

  2. HAHAHA~~ your daughter so cute.. ^.^
    too bad, 15 years ago, blogs were not popular like now [or even did not exist at all.. i dont know], where a mummy can jot down every process of their kids. >.<

    but the case on your daughter did happen to me when i was young also.. HAHAHA.. but my case were watermelon in food court.

  3. That was very convenient! It saved her from a potentially traumatic dentist experience (and we wouldn't want that in case of future appointments), and it saved you from worrying. What kind of bread was that?

  4. Hahaha! At least her teeth came out naturally, but she's one strong girl. She would someday realize that she should have visited her dentist. Well, you did your best so there's no regret there. Let's just hope she turns out to be more cooperative next time around!


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