loving hug

I loved to hug my children when they were young. You know, young babies and children are sweet and lovely.

But whenever I hugged my children in front of my mum, she would comment,

Why must do that? Don't pamper the children!

So whenever I want to hug them, I would do it out of her sight. Anyway, as time passed by, she changed her mindset and accepted the norms of my family.

Another thing about my mum is that she likes to nag. Children will definitely move away instead of chatting happily with her. I always reminded her to be a nice grandmother: talk to the children instead of commenting them. But I guess, she can never change. I love my mum very much despite that.


  1. yalor... when i hug my daughter my mother in law also like that.... cause later baby want you hug all the time... mafa a bit ...

  2. hugging is one of the ways to spread love? haha. =)

  3. I baby sit my cousins since i was very young until now.

    I can proudly said I've taken care of a lot of kids/babies before..
    and the rumors of what your mum said is quite true actually. T_T
    but i know it's hard to resist from hugging baby!!!! coz they are tooooooo cute!

    but when they got heavier, that's not so cute anymore, coz they get used to all the hugging, they wanter more and my arm got very sore.

  4. ya, hugging a baby coz she/he s cute n lovable.What abt hugging an adult/a friend?

  5. hmm.. hugging an adult friend.
    hmm.. if that is just hi/bye hugging, it's ok.
    if that is comforting/emo hug, i only prefer to hug my own bf.. =.="

  6. Probably your mother need to experience more hugs to be able to appreciate what it's truly means. It's a good idea to tell your little one to hug her :-)

  7. ya, good idea but my mum doesn't like to be hug o..


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