It's Junior Music Class.

I sent my son to Yamaha JMC when he was 4 years old. Parents were allowed to accompany their children during the music lessons.

Personally I never attended any classes conducted by a professional before. I loved the classes as much as my son.

We learnt the lessons together and even played the organ together. At home, I would be the guide and a pusher too. He had to learn the organ and also listened to the musical tapes.

My son was a fast learner and the teacher always praised him. But when he was seven, he had a new interest. He wanted to learn using the computer. So, I had to give this excuse to the teacher that he wished to stop learning the organ.

I thought all my efforts and money had gone to the drain. But, thank God. Now he's is so good in music and computer works. Well done, my son!


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