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I went to China with a group of Malay friends in June 2006. It was a halal trip which was meant for the malays. They wanted me to go with them in the hope that I could help them to communicate with the Chinese in China.

So off we went. It was fun visiting places and even shopping. Those Chinese wouldn't call me but would call my friends to buy their stuff. I had to help to negotiate with the shopkeepers even though I only spoke few words of Mandarin.

Once, we were taken to a massage place. All of them had a foot massage except me. One of the Chinese asked me in Mandarin:

Are you the tour guide?

I had to pretend that I was one.

Next, when we grouped together and talked, a pair of couples asked me:

Who are they? Why do you talk to them?

I replied,

Oh, we are from Malaysia.

We even climbed the Great Wall of China.

We had a real fun time in Beijing.


  1. Wow, Malaysian Flag in Great wall of China. I bet you have had lots of fun in this trip!

  2. Wenn, u working with the govt? been to beijing once but with my ex classmate.. i think in 2005 or 2006, cannot remember..haha... but i know it is april month cos it was quite cold then..

  3. I was a teacher but left in mac 2008 to help my hubby in the shop.

  4. Beijing huan ying ni! Love the Great Wall great place to visit. Guess you had great fun every thing just great...

  5. you've been to places overseas and i've only gone to singapore once/twice. i'll go australia, one day. haha.

  6. wah.. how nice..
    u've been travelling to lots of places!

    i only been singapore.. =____="

  7. hey,,

    thank you for teaching me one very nice new word,,,,, guess what? let me know if you know the answer,,if not i come back again and let you know,ok?

    The new word is,,,,,,,,,,stay tuned be back later

  8.'re the tour guide cum translator. I have come to appreciate that being a tour guide can be a tough job.

    How's the food served on this halal tour?

  9. eugene, I m not too sure which word..Mind telling me?

  10. Mei Teng, I was just the translator for my friends. We had a tour guide who can speak Indonesia language. We were served Chinese styled food but no 'pork' la..

  11. don't worry, girls.. u will have your chance to visit places.

  12. I've been to The Great Wall Of China many years ago and it was winter there. SOoooo cold. It was the best experience ever. Wah..Malaysian flag some more..GOOD.

  13. ya, we had to put the picture in our school magazine.


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