Lost and Found

A little girl was lost and found 3 times..How did it happen?

  1. She was just a year old. One day her mum was shopping at a supermarket with her sister. She entrusted her sister to take care of the little girl. So she went along with her own buyings. Later she was surprised to see that the little girl was not with her sister. When they searched high n low, she was found crawling upwards to the top of the stairs nearby. Found!
  2. When she was 2 , her mum took her and her brother, 4 years old, to a pasar malam. She refused to hold her mum's hand but held her bro's hand. Her bro was holding his mum's hand. So at a stall, they were watching something. Then they kept going from one stall to another. Suddenly, his mum asked, "Where is girl?" And he replied, "Don't know." Both of them were searching and kept asking people around. Then they saw her holding an aunty's hand approaching them. Thank God! Found!
  3. She was about 5 . They were at the Genting highlands. Her mum was going down the steps with her. They stopped to watch something. Suddenly, she was missing. Her uncle helped to search and guess what, she went to the other side to watch the roller coasters. Found!
How did her mum feel? Horrible! She thought the little girl had been kidnapped!


  1. Lol. It sounds sorta funny to me. It's like the kid is playing hide and seek with the mom.

  2. Found! Found! Found!
    She's always blessed by God.

  3. Hi Chili Crab, actually it was a true story. =)


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