WK was a scary cat. He was scared of ghost pictures.

One day, he opened his mail box and he clicked an attached file.

Suddenly, an eerie looking face was staring back at him. He screamed and screamed and collapsed on the floor.

His mum was shocked hearing his screams and feared the worst had happened to him.

He was still shivering when his mum got near to him. Poor boy!

Next, whenever there was an attached file, he would ask his sister to open for him. His sister was a brave girl. Never fear ghost as she admitted that she had seen one when she was a little girl.

But her mum was not as brave as her. When her housemate passed away, she had to ask her daughter to accompany her until she had shifted to a new place. Btw, at that time, her mum was staying somewhere as she was taking up a course.


  1. wow. scream until faint?? is the picture that eerie?? even i had experiences with ghosts, i didn't even faint.

  2. got 1 time, i scared my cousin too, he also a super "pengecut" boy.
    So that one day, I asked him to open 1 email with a ghost will pop out later. He then shivered, cry, screamed and woke my mum up after he saw that ghost.
    I got scold badly from my mum for that. =_________="

  3. what makes you think he's not ken?? lol

  4. Wah, renaye n dolly r so brave!

  5. Hey, appreciate you coming by,the picture is of Casper the friendly ghost, right? so no need to be scared lah.

    can i come back again..........

    take care now

  6. Interesting.. so who's WK?? ken? I've no idea! WK can be me too. =D

  7. ya, maybe WK s u. Aren't u scared of ghost?


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