Driving Lesson

I recalled my very first accident when I was learning how to drive. My boyfriend allowed me to drive his father's car around the field which was in front of my house. I had driven a few rounds when suddenly at a junction, I had an accident.

A little boy suddenly crossed the road n I got panic! Instead of braking, I accelerated. While trying to avoid hitting him, the car went into the drain! The little boy got panic too, I supposed, n he fell down.

My bf was watching me from my house. He quickly rushed to me and helped to remove the car from the drain. Luckily it was not a very big drain.

So when my bf's father asked him, "What happened to my car?'"

He replied, "Sorry, pa, I tried to avoid a buffalo and it went into a drain."


  1. lol, noob!!! haha, thank God that nothing happen to you..

  2. lol. the little boy was replaced by a buffalo?


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