Sweet Sugar

Sugar has been a frenzy issue for the past few days. Since there is shortage of sugar, I put up the sign,
Limited: 2 packets @
Thinking that would remind the customers about the shortage of sugar but to my surprise, more customers were asking for sugar.

So after 2 days, I took out the sign and instead changed it to 1 packet. Still the customers are as panicky as before. They are afraid that they won't have sugar for their usage.

I purposely teased them and said,
If you need 3 scoops for your cup of coffee, then reduce it to a scoop la.
Some found it amusing but others were rather angry that they couldn't have a proper cup of coffee.

Don't worry..Sugar supply will be back to normal. Btw, just reduce intake of sugar! Good for u!


  1. the lesser the sugar intake, the lower the risks of getting diabetes and the higher the health rate keeps the doctor away =D


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