Cry Baby

SJ was a cute chubby baby. She was taken care by her aunt when she was a month old. Her mum had to work and had no time to take care of her.

She was a good baby who didn't cry much. Everytime she made a tiny noise, she would be fed milk by her aunt. Then she was put back to sleep. She never had the chance to cry. So you can imagine! She grew chubbier and chubbier but hardly smiled.

Then one day, her mum took her back home as her grandmother was able to take care of her. She was already 2 years old.

Since SJ hardly cried, her mum purposely let her cry when she was hungry. Eventually, SJ had the habit of crying until her voice became so harsh. Her mum commented:

Let her cry so that her lungs would be healthier!

SJ grew up well and now she has the sweetest smile.


  1. so ... we must let baby cry or not???

  2. hi Wenn..thanks for coming by and giving me the info on cancer..i am still checking it out...

    yes, i believe crying is good for babies, provided they r not crying for hours.. :0

  3. Very interesting though I don't know which SJ

  4. babbies cry to magnetise their guardian so when once the guardian is beside them and do whatever to satisfy the babbies' need then thay'll sure stop wailing. haha.

  5. Well, I gave birth to to my 1st child and he was not crying. My gynae had to use a small 'tool' to suck out those sticky stuff from his his tiny mouth. Then only he started crying. Crying is a way to let the air find way into a baby's lung. It's also a good exercise for d lungs.

  6. ahh..i have heard this comment before..heheheh. Yes, SJ is a sweet and pretty girl.

  7. oh.. is it like that..? hahaha..

    my mum said last time when i was a baby, i would cry on every 3,6,9,12 and never missed =___="

    smart alarm clock. =.="

  8. I don't know what to say, sounded like a weird theory to me. Fortunately my two years old does not cry a lot :D

  9. it could be weird but it's good to cry.


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