Prayer Wheel of Tibetian Buddhism

We came to this unique place where we could see three prayer wheels. We were asked to turn the wheels clockwise one after another from right to left.

According to the Tibetan Buddhist belief, spinning such a wheel is just as effective as reciting them orally. In Tibetan prayer wheels, the mantra (prayer) Om Mani Padme Hum is printed in an ancient Indian script or in Tibetan script, usually on the outside as well as on the scroll inside.

A Buddhist prayer wheel is of a hollow metal cylinder, often beautifully embossed, mounted on a rod handle and containing a tightly wound scroll printed with a mantra.

  • Om purifies bliss and pride (realm of the gods)
  • Ma purifies jealousy and need for entertainment (realm of the jealous gods)
  • Ni purifies passion and desire (human realm)
  • Pad purifies ignorance and prejudice (animal realm)
  • Me purifies poverty and possessiveness (realm of the hungry ghosts)
  • Hum purifies aggression and hatred (hell realm)

human body physiological and pathological

Pathology is the study of diseases in humans.

Well, we were led to a big room and lectured on the health of mankind. The lecturer was promoting a kind of medication for certain kind of diseases. Too bad I hardly understood since I was not so well-versed in Mandarin.

He experimented with a burning rod and burnt his own palm. He just had to applied the bao fu ling (Compound Camphor Cream) on his palm. Later, we could see that there were no burn marks at all.

Actually, I had seen this experiment before when I was in Beijing 3 years ago. I had bought the cream and found it very effective.

Funny, somehow the people there could sense it and asked me whether I would like to get one from them. I politely said that I had used them before.
So this time I didn't buy it.

But the other two couples were caught and hurried into different rooms. My girl and I just headed to the washroom and quietly sneaked out of the shop.

We had waited for almost half an hour for the couples. A couple came out and the wife was nagging the husband for buying those miracle pills. Fortunately, the next couple could get away from their persistent acts.

Another persistent salesperson.


  1. What beautiful photos. I so enjoy learning of different cultures from you. Ah, another persistant salesperson?

  2. I so admire Tibetian Buddism culture!
    so interesting post!

  3. Om MaNI PadMe Hum is now taped to my computer. Thanks for the great post

  4. ohhh so the cream really works huh?

  5. awesome photos :)
    Have a great time! :)

  6. Very good photos and interesting topic. It is good to learn about other cultures and religions.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  7. hey when i read ur post abt the burnt cream, spontenously my mind recall back lately the Astro On Demand movie got show ma how they play tricks on selling this cream. That guy burn his arm/palm i forget, but then there's no burnt sign exist. After people seeing this demo, many buying the cream from them...hahaha, in fact they are playing tricks (tipu)to all people.

  8. Hi wenn thanks for the meaning of OmMaNiPadMeHum which my Christian friend asked me for it sometime back. Glad you escaped the 'chopping board' for not buying the 'powderful' cream?

  9. I heard so much of this prayer wheel, but I hope I can get to see one and try turning them some day!! hahaha!! For good luck and fortune..

    Merry Xmas to you and family.

  10. I have also heard about the bao fu ling cream from china. It is really effective for preventing scars after scalding or burns on the skin.

  11. Is it the same good baofuling cream that you bought 3 years ago in Beijing or is it just another 'baofooling' cream that was why you sneaked out of the shop? :p

  12. Very interesting. Good close up for me to learn more.


  13. Usually I don't like persistence salesperson, but if I was in a temple like this, I would probably break down and buy some..

    Beautiful pictures, and great information on the prayer wheels!

  14. I remembered being cornered by a really really persistent salesperson while in China. Didn't manage to get away. End up spending RM450 on some miracle cream. Sigh...

  15. those salesperson seemed to be very persistent towards tourists.

  16. LOL, funny that you had to dodge the salespeople!

  17. Mmm, now I know why they spin the wheels!

  18. Very insightful Wenn! :) Now we all know why the tibetan monks spin it! I'm sure the Chinese don't like it. :D

  19. It' very hard to escape chinese salespeople, so so so persistent so good for you =)

  20. Oh! Luckily you didn't get conned in to buying the cream!


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