Good Riddance

Suddenly this old lady/customer showed me a packet of Breeze soap powder which was already opened. She brought it back to us as there were lumps of soap powder.

So my staff just pressed the packet and the lumps were loosen but she was not satisfied. She wanted us to refund her money but I insisted that it was not possible as she had used most of the soap powder already.

She got angry and accused us of cheating her. I nicely told her that we wouldn't know if the stuff were in good condition or not. But she simply said that we always sell old stuff.

That was not true!

Our stock is always rotating and I don't buy that accusation. I got angry and told her off. Since she always compare us with the shop next door, she could just go over there and get her stuff there.

She realized that I was pissed off. She quickly collected her stuff and went off.

This lady is always fussy and I always try to satisfy her needs to get her stuff. She knows I will be nice to her but surprisingly, she saw my true color today.

I guess she wouldn't try to be funny next time. Even if she doesn't come to our shop again, I would bide her good riddance!


  1. Rule No. 1. Customer is always right
    Rule No 2. What if customer is wrong, refer to Rule No 1. hahaha..This no longer apply when they went overboard. Some customers could be very unreasonable.

  2. Sigh!!! Not easy to be in business. Some people can be really unreasonable... Best to just give back the money...and tell her not to come again! No point talking to this type of people.

  3. Is not easy to handle this kind of si lai one! Yes, customer is always right but with limits u know! That was soap ma, is normal to have in lumps! may due to delevery time to ur shop or somehow the damp condition! Tat auntie shud be out of her mind! It is soap anyway, it still can be use! she just saja cari pasal

  4. Yeah! Sometimes we need to show out true color. :D

  5. wow..wenn, i like to see your face that time.. u always seem so cool.. yes, good riddance to her if she wants to take advantage of u..

  6. It is ok to lose a customer who gives us 2 cents profit, in return giving us 20 cents frustration...

    i have said bye bye to some customers just like that, nicely telling them off " i can't be doing losing money business"

    good to show true color sometime.

  7. It is good to be Garang and bite her back sometimes! These days many customers are getting unreasonable with the growing number of retarded humans! Better loose 1 lunatic customer than suffer further losses!

  8. Soap powder always have lumps what...normally just ketuk ketuk a bit will do.

    Ya it's hard to please fussy customer.

  9. Ahhhh, difficult customer....always want to take advantage of customer

  10. We can't please every customer. It's not worth the effort of receiving negative energy just for their buying pittance.

  11. you've got to do what you have to do when pushed to your limits, serves her right

  12. LOL... I agree that there are some circumstances that we should give in!^-^

  13. I don't mind lumps in my soap powder. Perhaps you can call the detergent manufacturer's customer service and let them explain to Mdm Very Fussy. If manufacturer gave you rejects, you can return them. If the goods are ok, they can explain to your customer. Mdm Very Fussy is a very susah customer. Hopefully she will diam-diam and not talk behind people's back. Maybe you can buy a Roaster for feng shui to peck away all the trouble makers, haha!


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