If you think sharing means
caring, you may experience
the greatest shock of your life.

The MMS is a great invention. It allows you to share images over the phone. But you've got to know where to draw the line. Never put yourself in a compromising position. You may regret it sooner, rather than later. Protect yourself by practising self regulation.
Be smart phone users.

My story:

Recently my friend showed me a few short clips of pornography in her handset. I was surprised and I asked her how she got hold of those obscene videos. She told me that her salesperson sent to her through wifi.

Most of the videos were self-videoing. So you can imagine that...


  1. so many cirdulating around these days!

  2. yep... technology is good but if used wrongly may harm us :)

  3. MMS is a very good tool...if used correctly : )

  4. Eyewwww....thank goodness my hp old school one, cannot watch videos...but can surf internet though - limited functions only.

  5. huh?? self-videoing?? that's really not wise to do that, especially when you've lost your phone and it goes to other people's hand~~~

  6. May be to us the conservative type, this is totally unthinkable but surprising enough, many would love to have their love making scene camwhored wit handphone, it is so widely circulated in the net.... and most of them doing it willingly...

    gone are days we talked about chasity

  7. wenn, why did that salesperson sent these videos to you? wrongly sent? "why so like that one?"

  8. and when the "self made" video got lost then start to boo hoo. Haiz...

  9. Ah yes. We can't stop technology from being abused but we can always say no to such moral destruction.

  10. I had once told by my 'friend' who work in a hp shop.. when someone send in their phone to 'repair' they will download all the 'data' and then keep for themselves.. just like what happen to Edison Chen last time.. bad bad..

  11. When I see this, I really hope they don't reach my children.

  12. А! 我一直想我的网站上张贴这样的东西,这给了我一个主意。干杯。


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