Hou Mei

Hou Mei in Cantonese means Good Taste. So definitely we would like to taste the good taste for ourselves..

Hou Mei in Genting

nice interior

Our dinner/supper at Genting
BBQ chicken noodles RM29

curry noodles RM14.50

dry mee RM14.50

duck noodles RM15

Another expensive meal in Genting. But the noodles were quite satisfactory.


  1. nice new template...mmm the food sure looks good

  2. Oh I have eaten here before. Quite OK but still expensive right? : )

  3. indeed very expensive!! almost double to thrice the price downhill..

  4. Gosh super duper expensive. But I suppose all outlets in Genting are pricey. There are 2 restaurants at the mushroom farm that serves pretty decent chinese food. Perhaps you could try during your next visit there. One of them is called Miegrand tel no: 0361012566.

  5. drooling over those delicious dishes!


  6. the taste of the food is far different as described by its name. disappointing one, yet many flock at this place most of the time

    Latest: Malaysian Version of "International"

  7. the bbq chicken noodles is 14.50. just that we ordered two of it.

  8. the interior looks very inviting and cosy. looks like a delicious spread.


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