Birthday Celebration

My BIL turned 50 yesterday and he had celebrated his birthday at a restaurant..He had invited his siblings and their respective spouses and some of his close friends.

Look at what we had..

I would say the portion was just moderate that we could finish them all up. My husband said that he was still hungry after the dinner..

Happy birthday, dear BIL..


  1. A feast. :D But you guys were still hungry?

  2. Delicious looking but not enough?

  3. wow wow wow!! so many nice dishes!! i like (them all), haha..

  4. no wonder your husband was still hungry after the dinner, so was there a second round?? :p

  5. Tekkaus n Jeanette, the portion was rather small.

    SK..sorry no second round for him :)

  6. happy Birthday to your BIL. Love the look of the prawns. so yummy

  7. what a sumptuous feast. happy birthday to your BIL.

  8. happy birthday to your BIL ya.. the meal looks yummy, love these chinese cuisine

  9. Wah, what a hearthy meal.....still hungry kah? LOL!

    Love the suckling roast pig....yum

    Happy Birthday to your BIL


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