My weekend pleasure

First of all, I need to see my boy's college, Aswara. He has been there since last September. And yet I haven't got a clue of its surroundings. So I made my way to KL Central. There my boy took me to his place. From the nearest KTM station to his college, we had to walk about 20 minutes. 

I had a good look at his campus and its surroundings. 
Not a bad place after all.

Then we made our way back to Subang where we had BKT.

The next day, I had the privilegde to look into Sri Pentas. 
It's not easy to get in but I was lucky as my girl works there.

I always tune in to FlyFm..

As my girl had work to do, I hopped over to 1U
 to look up for my friends and we had lunch together.

 Since we were free after my meeting with my friends, my boy and I went for a movie,
a very touching yet entertaining fairy tale..
"Have courage and be kind.."

Before we called it a day, we had our dinner at Absolute Thai.

I had a good rest that night and the next morning,
my three friends picked me up and we had a sweet breakfast.

Quickly got ready my luggage and time to get back to KL Central for my train back.
Explored NU Sentral for a short while..
and had a burger at Nando's before I hopped over to KL Central.

Goodbye to my kids and hope to see them there 
again soon..


  1. oh you had a very eventful weekend in KL huh?? i did not know about Aswara College but I roughly know the area seeing the JKR building at the back..

    I was in KL Sentral too picking up a friend from Ipoh, haha!! I wonder if you took the same ETS back to Ipoh.. :)

  2. I also do not know about Aswara College, I look it up, seems to be a good college that produces artists. Your daughter is working with TV3? Very nice! I guess you will be coming to KL very often to visit them.

  3. I've heard of Aswara.. Specially for arts and performing one, izzit?

  4. Nice campus, I like the building

  5. Looks like a nice place for your boy to study. :)

  6. You always travel to KL, guess you must be quite familiar with it huh? ;)

  7. So nice lah to get the privilege to tour Seri Pentas!

    Met any stars there? :)

  8. This is the first time I heard about ASWARA and I am interested to find out more. So fast and all your kids have grown up while mummy gets younger & younger.

  9. You had such an eventful day with non stop activities! What a WENNder Woman!

  10. Nice weekend. Great catch up with your kids and friends.

  11. Wenn, more or less I understand how you feel... we always want to see our kids every now and then, right... that is why I stop working so that I can spend more time with them..


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