Japanese meals (8 June 15)

I always love the buffet breakfast. It has lots of variety.

healthy breakie with a cup of green tea

We didn't have lunch as we were shopping at Gotemba Premium Outlets.
Bought a dunhill wallet for my boss..a father's day gift

For dinner, we had buffet at the hotel
my delicious meal for the day

Here's a boat of scrumptious food pre-ordered by a family.
I didn't order as it's not cheap and not necessary too.


  1. yeah, who doesn't like buffet?? hahaha, i would very hope to have buffet style breakfast too, since i can have a little of everything.. and look at your plate, it really looks good, you have got a little bit of everything, which is what i would do too.. :)

  2. I always eat too much at buffets!

  3. I also like buffet, sometimes I'm very greedy wants to eat every types of them, hahaha....

  4. Buffet again, love it, can never get bored of it.. So many choices of tempura and sashimi.. I think I will only sapu this 2 stuffs, and ooohhh beef teppanyaki too..

  5. I always believe that a Good Day should start with a Good Breakfast!
    Now I know your secrets of looking well because you always eat well.

  6. Wow! You bought a Dunhill wallet for your boss and this brand is very popular with men. Their designs are very sleek, classic and beautiful which the discerning few can afford to own.

  7. Nowadays i hardly eat buffet, as age catching up, can't eat much, and also if i go eat buffet, sure overeat...

  8. I love buffet but buffet can be pretty expensive now.

  9. The boat is cute.

    i like buffet too but cant eat much

  10. I like buffet meals too but nowadays too expensive. Wow, that family let you take a photo of their expensive boat dish. I can understand why that family ordered the boat dish. They are on a vacation so why not enjoy themselves to the fullest and eat some authentic high quality sashimi.

  11. Once in a while, I like to go for buffet but cannot eat much, I often find the standard and quality of food in buffet is not that good as they are mass produced


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