Wearing Saree

I had organised a saree contest at Chang Jiang but not many people seemed keen. Once a Chinese friend told me that she wanted to take part and I was looking forward to it. 

She was waiting for a green light from our Indian friend. Unfortunately, our friend was too busy preparing for her son's wedding. Her time was really occupied. 

I have an Indian friend who seemed interested to wear saree with me. Again, we couldn't get a proper time to do it. Both of us had time constraint. Thus, we forwent it.

Two days ago, a regular customer came to Chang Jiang with her saree. She looked so pretty. This was the first time I had seen her in saree. Casually, I asked if I could wear her saree. Without hesitation, she welcomed me to go over to her place that very night after my work.

I was so pleased and I told her about the saree contest in Chang Jiang. She was excited. 

So, I went to her place and wore her saree.

I had submitted this picture at Chang Jiang.

Guess she's surely the only winner.


  1. Hi wenn, hope you remember me ;)

    I saw your photos at FB, very nice saree indeed!

  2. Very nice photo, she is so kind to let you wear her saree. Congrats to your regular customer for being the winner!

  3. You look really nice in saree Wenn.. And I heard saree is not cheap, and need to wear all those tiling-talang accessories also, haha..

    1. Thanks!
      True, saree is indeed very expensive.

  4. both look so beautiful in saree.. and I must say your friend there is so nice to let you wear her saree, good things are meant to be shared!! :)

  5. Lovely!

    ALOHA, Friend


  6. I never wore a saree before but when I was in my previous employment, I got my customer service girls to wear. Although Deepavali is not a big holiday in Sarawak, we have simple decoration and saree wearing in the shopping mall. I remember how my staff rolled themselves wearing that long saree clothes. Not easy.

    But if you ask me, I would give saree a try. At least wear it once. Haha. But no Indian friend to ask around here.

  7. I would wear too if convenient.. hahaha... Wore once before few years ago, borrowed from my colleague...

  8. You seems to have a lot of Indian friends and great that you wore a saree too for Deepavali!!

  9. was trying to get the Indian tradisional baju for J but tak jumpa in hypermarket and shops around here. Saw plenty in Brickfield but dare not go and ask.

    Previous years can still being sold in hypermarket and normal clothing shops but now seems less and less. only found in those tradisional shop :(

  10. How nice of her to share her saree with you.

  11. You look good in any clothes including a saree!


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