Wedding Dinners

We are coming to the stage when our kids have grown up and they are able to get married when they are ready.

The very first wedding dinner that I attended was last year in February. My school friend's daughter got married in Taiping. 

The second wedding dinner was in August last year which was held in KL.  My friend's son got married.

Yesterday was the third which was held in Ipoh. It's my friend's son wedding.

Spot me in the photos...

Whose next? We are counting and keeping track......


  1. Yes, spot you :

    1st picture : seated

    2nd picture : sitting

    3rd picture : On the right

  2. Yes, these events helps to have great get together and bring lot of memories.

  3. Hi Wenn!
    Most of my friends of same age are married so I guess I don't have anymore wedding invitations now haha!
    Just waiting for relatives' sons/daughters to get married xD

  4. The next wedding in 2017 will be Ken's wedding! Hola!

  5. you will be very busy when your children getting married..I guess will be very soon as they have already grown up.

  6. You are looking good in all 3 photos. It must be nice to be invited to your friends' children's wedding.


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