My new phone

I got my Oppo phone from the boss on Christmas day 2 years ago. After a year of usage, it began to show some problems. The worst problem was I couldn't access my Contacts. Thus, I couldn't make calls when I urgently needed it.

The second worst problem was it always hung up itself in the midst of a conversation.

And I couldn't comment in any blogs. My comment would be doubled. That explains why I don't go to blogs using my phone.

It's high time for me to get a new phone. I was supposed to get it after the first year but I hesitated. So the boss still owes me a birthday gift. Last birthday in September, I wanted to get a new phone but I couldn't decide which brand to get. So it's KIV again.

Recently, my girl won a new iPhone and she told me she's keeping her old iPhone. I didn't expect her to pass it to me.

Surprisingly, when she came back for the CNY recently, she presented her iPhone to me. It's still so new! I am so glad that I don't need to hunt for one.

But I have yet to change my sim card. Will get it done soon....
Hello iPhone....


  1. Does Oppo phone give you a lot of problems? I am thinking of getting an Oppo phone soon because the price is very reasonable

    1. Initially it was good. Then some problems surfaced. Anyway, it can still be used. Maybe you should get the latest one.

  2. Yeay! Welcome to the iPorn group. LoL. I'm a loyal fan :D

  3. I have not used IPhone before, me using Samsung...

  4. Welcome to the Apple family!! Hehe!

  5. You are so blessed with very thoughtful and good children! Now you get a new phone and I am sure they will send mummy & daddy for a cruise vacation next! Wink! Wink!

  6. Please share your experience on how to upload photos to blogspot using iphone..I am unable to do it after I changed to iphone from Samsung.

  7. Congratulation to your girl for winning the phone and to you for getting a new phone. Ya ...very troublesome if the phone have problem. Need to contact ppl also susah

  8. Your daughter is such a thoughtful and caring person.


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