Almost Accident

We were on our way back from KL on the 3rd day of CNY.
Along the journey, we could see the traffic congestion on the other side.

Our drive was smooth sailing until we reached Ipoh. Can you spot the word 'Ipoh'?

We needed to go into Jelpang exit.

To Ipoh..on our left.

To Penang, those people got to keep right.

It was almost 5.30pm when we reached the exit. My husband drove all the way from KL. Normally I would take over halfway. But, that time, I was busy sleeping. So, I just couldn't be bothered.

Well when we almost reached Ipoh, I was fully awake. My husband was driving in the middle lane but very close to the fast lane. Suddenly, a white van by past us and our vehicle almost got knocked on the driver's side. Our vehicle was bumpy and luckily my husband managed to maneuver it safely.

Thankful, he didn't knocked the car in front of him.

A while later, another van passed by us. I was surprised to see that it had slowed down a bit and the passenger at the back seat wound down the glass and jutted out half of his body. My goodness, he showed his middle finger and shouted, "xxxx you"!

Immediately, he was back inside the van and it sped away!

My husband said it was not his fault as he was on his own lane. But I told him that he was wrong as he was so near the fast lane.

Anyway, no one was injured. So we were thankful that we were safe.


  1. whatever it is..lucky everyone is alright.

  2. It could be dangerous.
    Glad that everyone is safe and sound.

    B xx

  3. Were your hubby sleepy and did not realise his car was veering towards the fast lane? Haha! Anyway, glad everyone was safe! : )

  4. thank goodness ntg happened. and that crude lad that shouted vulgars, tsk tsk tsk! where has the morality gone to? youths these days..

  5. I wish everyone would drive slowly and patiently. I don't understand why everyone must go so fast when there is no emergency at they're in a hurry to head to their death! In Hokkien, kua khee see! Tsk! Tsk!

  6. Thank God nothing happened.. broad daylight can save lives... maybe you all gave them a scare too..

  7. glad to hear everyone is still safe and sound.. :)

  8. Just be careful of road bully,either we are wrong or right,they simply don't care.........

    i remember i honked a motorist who came into a new entry lane, he turn around sped up to me,,,,, and shouted at me" puk* ma" you nak cari pasal ka" man he was wrong and yet,,,,,,,, that's what i call bully

  9. phew... luckily nothing happened. Really gotta be extra careful when driving.

  10. God gracious! How rude that guy was, luckily he didn't really hit you... phew~!

  11. Glad your hubby stayed cool and let it past.

  12. Next time don't busy sleeping while your hubby driving :)

  13. my wife always sleeps the moment I start driving on the highway for long trips.

    Thank god you and your family are fine. Just ask him to be more careful and if he gets sleepy, better to stop and rest, then only continue.

  14. i always drive on long-distance trip - i just feel safer that way.

  15. aiyo, why so crazy wan, sempat swear lagi, chi sin! thankfully all ok yeah, be careful!


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