Kuala Lumpur (2)

I simply love the view of Kuala Lumpur.

The Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower

the Parlimen

the clock tower

Sultan Abdul Samad building

A 95-meter flagpole at the Merdeka Square


  1. Paiseh never been to KLCC & KL Tower even though Bananaz have up been rooted & replanted in Selangor since 1997..so near and yet so far lolz

  2. haha...you should visit the petaling jaya area! hehe...

  3. It is nice - not overdone, not pretentious like Singapore...they make it look like some kind of fairy wonderland - a bit over. Prefer the old old Singapore of the 70s...all the nice places no longer around anymore.

  4. Malaysia with 95 metre flagpole...some one else in malaysia with a kiasu mentality will get a 105 meter flagpole up soon.....want to bet?

  5. Great looking buildings and the towrers are amazing!

  6. I still prefer some old heritage building nestled in the midst of all these tall buildings,,,,,,,,

    have a great weekend wenn

  7. Thanks for the tour of your city. Wonderful sky photos.

  8. Wonderful shots.

    Happy sky watching!

    My entry.

  9. the Parliament building is even nicer at night, with lights in red blue and yellow..

  10. View nice but traffic jam very teruk! ha ha ha!

  11. Have you ever see the night view of the twin towers? Its splendid!


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