Hari Raya Poem Contest

Hari Raya is just around the corner so I have organised a poem contest at Chang Jiang:

Write an original poem that rhymes pertaining to Hari Raya.
Submit by 25 July 14.
Judges' decision is final.
Three participants with the winning poems will each receive a prize.


How about that? Join in the fun and you might be the lucky three!

I even gave Raya packets to some of my customers at Chang Jiang.


  1. Good luck to those who take part.

  2. Nice.. Always got nice & meaningful activities organized at the shop.. Good luck to all participants..

  3. A poem or is it a pantun or a puisi or a sajak or a syair?

  4. Good luck!

    Pantun would be easier than a sajak. ;)

  5. Another festive season, another contest from Chang Jiang! ;)

    Me not good in poem, so good luck to every contestants!

  6. Poem, sajak, pantun?

    Selamat Hari Raya.

  7. Good luck to the participants !

  8. oh, interesting poem/pantun competition!! i love to read pantun especially those that rhymes!! good luck to all participants~~ :)

  9. Pantun should be nice to read. My late Godfather would tuned in to radio Indonesia for the pantun. Good luck to all

  10. Must have inspirasi one.. hahaha... The young kids may be able to come up with good poems.. my bahasa is outdated already..

  11. Wow! You are always giving away WENNderful gifts all year round. Your heart is very kind.


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