Last adventure in Korea

The trip had come to an end...

In the morning, we had 
5 different types of porridge. 

First, we visited the ginseng outlet.

Next, we were taken to the beauty academy where we were taught how to do facial.

The products..

and the ginseng mask that we used.

Had king crab for lunch.

I had egg & bread for my dinner
at Myeongdong market.

Lastly we watched the Nanta show.

Korean experience is over.
Goodbye, Korea!


  1. Didnt catch the nanta show. It was in the itinerary but they changed it last minute to other while we were there.

    i am still curious on the 5 types of porridges.

  2. 5 types of porridge looks nice... Let me guess.. Pumpkin, sweet potato, green beans/spinach, carrot and original plain chic porridge.. hehe..

    1. Good guesses! Hopefully Wenn will reply whether you are correct or not.

  3. Looks like we been to almost the same places, hehe!!! And welcome back!!! =]

  4. wow, five types of porridge five different colors!! that is kind of interesting.. and the King Crab lunch, wow, how enjoyable!! and pampering yourself too to learn to do facial treatment the correct way, awesome!! :)

  5. Love your food again - the 5 types of porridge and king crab. Surely you will miss Korea when you are back.

  6. Seems you really enjoy the food there. :)

  7. Just as usual just like everybody, you ignored the sign at the ginseng outlet 'no photography'. Or the sign is not there anymore? haha

  8. I din't watch the Nanta show when I was there, but I watched another dance show, which is also nice!

    The Odbo products are good, I love their mask!

  9. I was attracted to the facial products, hehe..

  10. 5 types of porridge??!!!!!

    hahahaha.. i would love to go Korea one day. they said the masks are among the MUST BUY thing !!!

  11. great travel experience shared in Korea~ =D

  12. Wenn, I am sure you will bring back great and sweet memories of Korea...

  13. I also went to their beauty centre and they showed me all the tiny invisible worms inside my face's pores using microscope! I ended up buying so many masks!!!

  14. You must be tired and happy to be home now. I wonder where this WENNder Woman will fly to next!

  15. how was the food? Looks lovely from the photo


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