@Jeju Island

Got ready and then went for our breakfast.

My first plate of Korean breakie.

My second plate which was more western.

The first place on our  list-to-visit was the Trick Art Museum. 
One of my poses..
more poses are in my portable Canon camera.

Next to the Folks Village.
Those were actually props created for the Korean drama.

Barbecue pork for lunch.

Visit to the Aqua Planet was interesting. 
The under water tunnel.

Love the white seahorse. 

Transparent species display. 

The most satisfying activity for the day.
I managed to climb up the 180m Seongsang Sunrise Peak.

This mustn't be missed. 

Next, headed to the descending stairway.

Last but not least, our ginseng chicken soup for dinner.

Tomorrow, we will be flying back to Gimpo..

More places to be explored..


  1. great trip u had there !! awesome !! XD

  2. A great and interesting places!!

  3. I love the food you ate. All so delicious! I would love to walk up to the sunrise peak too.

  4. Wah you managed to climb to the sunrise peak! I din't get to do that last year, just take photos at the bottom of the hill only.

  5. Oh we missed the Aqua Planet last time there. Saw any huge black oink oink in any of the villages?

  6. I like Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup . You must visit Dongdaemun, it is a shopping heaven for ladies.

  7. I love all your meals - bfast lunch dinner.. Got gain weight mou?

  8. awesome place and the underwater tunnel seems to be interesting.. and what a great view from the descending staircase.. like it!! :)

  9. Interesting place here in Jeju.. heard it is very nice.. food also is great as shown in Astro! :) Didnt come by here last time.. but tasted the ginseng chicken with rice inside the claypot before.. I like it..

  10. I love the cliff going down to the sea! I always saw them on KBS TV channel. Nice!

    I noticed that Korea and Japan have lots of this Trick Art Museum. I have not been to any yet.


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