Aeon Gift Vouchers

Recently I redeemed three RM10 gift vouchers from TM online. I should have redeemed earlier as some 2K plus points were expired. Anyway, glad I got hold of the vouchers.

They came in handy. 

Bought two pairs of long cargo pants for the boss as his birthday is very near.

With the total amount of more than RM200,
I was entitled two RM10 cash vouchers.

I was an Aeon member but I didn't renew it anymore as I hardly shopped there. But today I shopped and was told that I would be entitled the cash vouchers if I shopped with my member card. Thinking that it would be such a waste if I didn't buy those pants with an Aeon member card, I went to the customer service counter and asked for my girl's card number. With that, she earned some points. 

But, I need to get back to Aeon as the boss wants a bigger size..


  1. Good that you managed to get those vouchers. Can save some money.

  2. it would be nice to have the membership card if you shop there often, as the members privileges and perks would often worth more than the fees.. so you used up 3 vouchers and got 2 again, when is the next shopping spree?? :)

  3. Any item in mind what to buy with the cash voucher...

  4. I have some Aeon vouchers that still not been used. We do not have any Aeon outlet here. Hubby won them as incentive from his company..

  5. You always have WENNderful luck coming your way. Last time won a lucky draw bicycle and now have free vouchers. Your boss must be happy to know that behind every successful man is a lucky lady. Ask him read my comments!


  6. Wahhh..good buy! Oh, i didnt know TM gives points.. I better check!

  7. Yeah~I think I have to check mine as well. Ha :D

  8. uiks...csn have aeon voucher ah? I didnt know this. Thanks for the information

  9. Its good for them to have this kinda vouchers to reward the customers.

  10. AEON is good in attracting customers by giving vouchers to customers on their birthdays or other conditions.


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