Speedy Recovery

When was the last time I met Claire? If I'm not mistaken, I saw here sometime just before the Chinese New Year 2015. 

Claire was away for her long holidays since she retired from work. We couldn't find the time to meet up.

Recently, she injured her ankle before her trip overseas. Since she came back, I couldn't find the time to see her too.

So I asked my friend for her address so that I could give her a surprise visit. But my friend suggested that we go together.

Made myself free few days ago and picked up my friend to Claire's place.
I thought of buying dim sum but she had too much of it already.
She just wanted chee cheong fun, loh mai kai and pau..

Just before I made a move, she gave me some souvenirs from her recent holiday.

Thanks Claire!

Wishing you speedy recovery!

Take care!

Being cheerful is already good in
speeding up your recovery!


  1. Nice souvenir from Claire. Wish her a fast recovery.

  2. the two busy people finally met!! hmmm you called Claire up and asked what she wanted to eat?? that's not a real surprise already huh?? I thot you just brought food and pop up right in front of her house without her expecting, haha!! :)

  3. Nice souvenir... Hi Wenn, hope you're doing great.

  4. Sk, she asked another friend what I wanted to eat... and my friend bocor rahsia and asked me... hahahaa.. anyway, so nice of Wenn to visit me despite her heavy duties especially during this festive season.. Thank you Wenn.. one day we must go out for a relaxing makan, wait till I can walk walk without the stick first! hahaha...

  5. So nice ..she didn't even buy me anything..hahaa.. Merry Xmas!

  6. So nice of you to visit Claire and tapao food for her.


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