Missed Her Grandma

Jean came back for the weekend and I thought of taking her to Cameron for a short break. But she refused to go anywhere except Taiping. Why? She definitely missed her favorite grandma.

On top of that, when I sent my mum back to Taiping last weekend, she had forgotten her 'tongkat'. So it's a very genuine excuse to give to the boss.

So off we went. I drove slowly while chatting with my girl. Instead of taking 45 minutes to reach as usual, I took whole 1 hour. I wouldn't speed when I drive and talk.

Firstly, picked up my mum. She was glad to see her 'tongkat' again. Before we went for our lunch at the Casual market, we made a short visit to my aunty. Recently, she's not in favor of 'buah tangan' so I guess a little 'sincerity' is the best. She is an ever cheerful aunty.

Went for our lunch and then decided to go back as Jean had to travel back to KL on the same day. On the way to my mum's place, I finally made the effort to have a look at the Spritzer Eco Park in Ayer Kuning. It was a hot day and mum couldn't bear to walk too much. So, I will go again and explore it on my own one day...
At least, mum was happy. That's the most important of all!

See you again soon, mum!


  1. Yes. She was happy to see you all.

  2. If me also I prefer to just stick around in town.. Less hassle, less driving.. Cameron roads make me giddy, haha..

  3. I wish I was closer to my Grandmas!
    Your mother looks healthy and happy always for the cameras.

  4. very thoughtful grand daughter and daughter.

  5. Eco Park is another place to hang out with. Yes Jean is thoughtful.

  6. So sweet of Jean to want to spend time with her grandmother.

  7. So nice to see that your daughter prefers to spend time with her dear grandma :)


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