Busy March.

Today is the first of March. I started my day being busy.

First and foremost, I did an online shopping. I shopped at Melaleuca, not just under my account but also under my girl's account. Actually I manage both accounts on the first of every month.

Next, I cleaned my dogs' space. Gave them biscuits as breakfast. My routine...

To the kitchen I went and prepared lunch for myself, my girl and my mum.

Before I ended the morning session, I vacuum-cleaned all the three rooms. This was the first time I ever used the vacuum cleaner this year.

Feeling satisfied and I had cooled down, I quickly took a bath and then had my lunch.

It's 12pm and I had to start working at my hubby's shop.

Upon reaching the shop, my very first task is always my daily statement which I have to prepare.

Done with it and I was ready to give the salary and wages to my people. I had prepared beforehand a few days ago.

Next, another important task is to get those impending cheques ready. I handled a few companies and I like to get those cheques prepared early.

Also other usual stuff to be done.


Well, it's indeed a very busy month. This Thursday, I will be attending a meeting cum dinner.
On Saturday, I will be attending a wedding dinner in Taiping. Since it will be late after the dinner, I will stay at my mum's place. The next day, I might explore some interesting places with my friends.

On the 20th, I will be in Taiping again for my nephew's wedding and dinner. After that, I should be taking care of my BIL and SIL stay at my place for a week.

Next come Cheng Beng day, the 27 March. This is the day when my BIL and SIL will be going to KL before they fly back to Australia....Same goes to all my children. They will be back to KL too.

Hope I'm more relaxed in April...


  1. You do have a busy month! Sounds like fun stuff though!

  2. Wow, your March certainly is a busy month for you. Take good care!

  3. A busy month for you!! What a day to start the month with.

  4. You are really a wennderwoman. Hahaha! So hardworking and dedicated to the family. Have a nice day ahead, Wenn.

  5. good to be busy in a good way.. but this WENNderwoman should have no problem getting all of her tasks done while she still has to go for events and hang out with relatives and friends.. :)

  6. March is indeed a busy month for me too.. Start to get back to work and stabilize myself after long maternity leave, register Std 1 for Kz.. Gambateh to both of us..

  7. Indeed a very busy month, Wenn!! Time passes very fast like that... I also feel the same here... got to plan this and that... for our kids, for our family and friends..

  8. Wow! Wow! You are the definitely the busiest bee inside the beehive! I would faint if I have a schedule like yours. Good mama you are!

  9. You really achieved a lot in a day! Yes , after CNY everybody are busy ! Me too, lots of work to do !


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