Twilight New Moon

Yesterday, my husband bought a Twilight New Moon dvd for my girl as she is so immersed in reading the Twilight Book series.

Upon reaching home, she quickly opened the case and found two vouchers.
She got so excited as she could get one of the books with a discount of 20%
and she could also get a free plate of Singapore Fried Bee Hoon at any of the stated food outlets.

But after analyzing the voucher, the validity of the voucher is not applicable anymore..

Even this voucher has expired..

So too bad, my girl's excitement has got to be subdued..

Anyway, she is still happy as she is able to watch the movie anytime..


  1. I only love the first movie. The :p

  2. i prefer to read the novels anyday. But I got to admit... the guy who play Edward is an eyecandy.

  3. well, not surprise that the vouchers are already expired, as this movie has been quite old already.. :p

  4. HeLLo Wenn,

    a lot of bloggers blog about the twilight movies and the rating by them is quite good. But I just don't understand why am I not interested in this movie. Maybe I should take a bolder step to buy one and watch. What do u think wenn?

  5. I never seen their movies or read the books before.. :)

  6. well, friends, I haven't read the books or watched the whole movies yet..They seem to be interesting..I got to do it some time.

  7. Ehhhh... pity your girl, was 'Up' then 'Down Down Down'... can imagine how disappointed she was!

    Cheer up girl, have a nice day!

  8. Try BookXcess. Sometimes they have. Saw twilight series at their shop before rm19-90

  9. Wow, original free voucehr sum more! Great. I've been following the movie too. So far, i like the first movie just like Tekkaus!

  10. so sorry the vouchers have expired. watched yr youtube link. it looks quite a nice movie

  11. Have not watch this movie yet. Aiya...the vouchers expired already....

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