You've tried the rest. Now sleep on the best!

Last Sunday, after dinner at Sushi King, we went window shopping and spontaneously wanted to get a new bed.

We went to the MattressCiti.

Like this slogan by Eric Leong.

There's a sale going on.

We chose the Nottingham.

50% discount.

Quite a good buy.
It's going to be my most expensive bed!

Thanks to my husband.


  1. king or queen? at home d? old bed how?

  2. SJ, king to wait for 2 weeks for the delivery and my old bed will be shifted to the next room.

  3. wow... yes, i agree.. you work so hard now it is the time to sart! hahaha..

  4. claire..great..he needs a good bed more than me.

  5. Wow... very cosy bed! have a great day WennH

  6. Hey, i am different, my faitfull bed is,, you will be surprise, a worn out thin thin mattress, covered with comforter and i lay it in the middle of living room, then i sleep away lah,,

    for my lovely wife, i just bought her a new bed,,,,,let her enjoy alone lah,,,,,no lah, it is not like that, i just don't like air con, she loves it, so i move out,,hahahah

    take care now

  7. Wow...very expensive even after the whopping 50% discount. :/

  8. oh, i like that quote also, but i don't like that guy~~ haha!!

  9. New good,at night can have good rest.

  10. wow expensive purchase wor, but I suppose it's well worth it since we humans spend so much of our lives sleeping on it.

  11. Hope u hv ur "Sweet Dream" with this new bed.

  12. That reminds me - I need to get new pillows! LOL!!!


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