Chocolate Bouquet

Recently, my staff asked me if I knew how to make a bouquet out of Ferrero Rocher. I had seen one but I had no idea how to make it. So I looked it up at YouTube. I got a rough idea. Got some materials from the stationery shop and the box of FR from my shop.

I did a few. I sold three and the rest were given away as gifts.

It's D's birthday so she got one. One for M's anniversary and another for G's new house. Another three for three birthday person and lastly one for a customer.

I did a chocolate bar bouquet intended as a gift to the 'Look-Alike Contest' participant at ChangJiang.

Christmas is just around the corner. Therefore, I'm on my way to prepare Christmas hampers.

Besides the above, I'm also doing the conventional hampers.

I will be busy wrapping hampers as usual...


  1. All the hampers that you wrap are so nice...

  2. Very nice, better than real flowers, hehe!

  3. yeah, come this time of the year, i am expecting you to be very busy with the festive hampers!! guess now you can already wrap one even with your eyes closed~~ :p

  4. Edible bouquets are the best! :D

  5. Yes. You must be very busy at this time of years with hampers wrapping. Lovely hampers you made.

  6. You are always creative in wrapping! I knew there is nothing you won't try or master it. You should make more with all items and that would attract lower budget customers who are seeking for small gifts. It is a trend now in KL to have mugs with stuffed goodies for under RM20.

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