Jean's Graduation

Initially, I didn't plan to attend Jean's graduation. She told me that she had no intention to join in the convocation. I had persuaded her to go with the flow but she was stubborn enough. So I had forgotten all about it until recently. She told me that her close friend was kind enough to lend her the robe. Since that's the case, I must be there after the event.

Thus, last Friday, I took a train to meet her. We reached the venue just after they had finished with the presentation. Her friend lent my girl her robe just before she returned it.

Quickly she wore it and we had a shot. This had to be as I went all the way for it.

A shot to be remembered.

These two girls were the only ones in their group who didn't participate in the presentation.
Yet they felt as happy as anyone!
Let's eat sushi bought by both of them.

The venue was at One World Ballroom so we just had our time spent in 1U.
I must take this shot. I love London!

and since it was the 31st, we had a great privilege
31% discount  
Love BR!

Both of us were waiting for my eldest girl to finish work.
Then, we watched an interesting movie to call it a day!

Congratulations, Jean!
All the very best to your future undertakings!


  1. Congrats to Jean! I was in 1U too on the 31st :D

  2. Congrats to Jean.. Hmm there must be a reason why she didnt want to attend the convo, but glad you guys made it at the end.. Nice memorable pictures..

  3. Congrats, Jean! Nice picture.

    It was a fabulous day for you and the girls.

  4. Congratulations to Jean!! just wonder why she chose not to attend her convocation.. :)

  5. Congratulations to you girl! She looks very sweet...

  6. Congrats to Jean! She must be very happy that you were there with her. Nice photos!

  7. Well done & Congrats to you Jean.

  8. Congrats and best wishes to Jean.

    Certainly a shot for the album, that one with the robe.

    Congrats to you too, Wenn, certainly one proud mom!


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