Happy 8

Two days ago, ie Friday, my girl drove me to Happy 8. From outside, it looked so deserted. I was reluctant to enter but as I stood at the entrance and looked right in, I saw some people happily eating away. So we had our dinner there.

Shared the fish and chips as the portion was rather big.

As of today, Sunday, I had to attend a GST talk organised by the Chinese Physician Association. Paid RM30. Before I went into the hall just before 9am, I had my breakfast.
Ipoh hor fun

GST presention by two software company
It was a long winded one and I was so bored..

When I reached home in the evening, my little dog was playing with my slipper.
She was actually biting it and guess it has become her toy.
She has so many slippers to choose from
and yet she chose mine!

Happy Sunday!


  1. awww, how sweet your girl drove you out for dinner - that's mommy and daughter time!! the food looks good and your little dog looks so adorable!! :)

  2. Been there once..Happy 8 to take a dessert...haven't tasted a main meal before....
    Your doggie is 3 months? Mine is 6years old and still biting my shoe.. sigh..i cannot put them outside...

  3. So nice to be spending time with your daughter having a good meal. Is this GST that GST? Anything interesting to share about GST. how it is going to affect us?

  4. Your doggie must have missing you~ ;-)

  5. I love your fish & chips picture already! Yummss. Kz loves fish and chips and I always have to control him from eating all the fries.

  6. At first i thought GST is Goods and Services Tax, hehe...

  7. Somehow the dog always like a particular slipper to bite. Like my mum's dog. All the times hide and bite my dad's slippers. Lol.

    GST by a sinseh?? Haha. I was suspended for a while.

  8. You went jalan jalan recently right? Saw from your FB, good la, must take a break once a while.

  9. I attended 2 GST talks this month. Luckily they're both half day affair. Puppies like slippers, probably their gum itch..haaa

  10. I actually like to visit restaurants and cafes that has old building's ambiance!

  11. I want to tell you the actual truths why your dog likes your slipper. She likes you the most in the family and could sense your smell easily. I am not kidding as I always heard of this stories.

  12. Everyone is so tensed with the GST coming up. So many IT companies are making money already and hiring so many programmers.


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