Sunday Retreat

I had plans to take my two customer friends to visit Taiping but unfortunately they couldn't make it. But the trip had to be materialised as I had promised to meet up my school friends. The idea was just to pass them those herbal stuff that they ordered from me. 

Since my  girl and I went to Taiping on our own, I decided to have breakfast with my friends at the Casual Market.

I had mee rebus which is my all-time favorite.

We spent some time chatting away. Soon my friends left. My girl and I went shopping at the Store which is my favorite shopping place. Bought some clothes meant for the coming CNY as I won't have the time to do shopping.

After shopping, we went back to the casual market to have our lunch.

I had the curry noodles.

Time to explore. I decided to drive to Sepetang to have a look at the Happy 8 Retreat.

But upon reaching the town, I was hesistant to use the narrow road to the old town. Thus, I made a turn back. 

As I was half way through, I had an instant chance of mind to visit the Kota Ngah Ibrahim instead.

Took some pictures inside the building and was satisfied.

Next, I decided to hit Trong before I headed home. It was quite a long journey but glad that I found the place.

I didn't see many people there and according to my friend, business was not so good recently.

My girl and I had a good day and happy that I made this trip.


  1. That's a nice outing around Taiping!!

  2. Nice trip.. Good bonding too with your friends and also your girl..

  3. indeed a great escape from your everyday busy life.. the Casual Market must have got lots of nice food that you went there for breakfast and lunch.. so with this post, we know some of your all-time favorites :)

  4. That Trong leisure farm is not that crowded already, compared to few months ago when it started business.

  5. What a nice day trip with your daughter. Good bonding with her.

  6. So fast you are shopping for CNY already!

  7. The lake makes the place like so peaceful and relax, is not a bad place to hanging out, relax and enjoy the whole day!!


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