7 cakes in a row

Sometime in the month of August, I suddenly got the urge to bake cakes of different style.

First, I tried steamed cupcakes whereby I added a packet of ENO enabling it to 'Smile'.
I ate three and put the other three at the altar.

Second, I tried steaming chocolate cake. This time I added soda bicarbonate and baking powder.
It turned out good and I shared with my people.

Third, I wanted to bake a cake using sweet corns.

Love it as I love sweet corns.

Fourth, I wanted to bake butter chocolate cake and added those extra corns.
Turned out tasty even though I steamed it.

Fifth, I make cheese cake. Non-baked ones.

Just added Digestive biscuits and walnuts.

Sixth, I intended to steam a zebra cake but it turned out a marble cake.
Maybe it would become a zebra cake if I had baked it.

Seventh, last but not least, a non baked chocolatey chewy cake .
I had added raisins, walnuts and digestive biscuits.

Guess the last one is the best as I can keep it for days. 
Wanted to give my girls as they love chocolate.

Which one you love best?


  1. wow...you baked so many types of cakes! I think i love the chocolate cake, it looks good!

  2. You are really into cakes now. I like the sweet corn cake the most.

  3. I love all cake. Never steamed one, though!

  4. Wow, you made so many cakes! My favourite - steamed sweet corn cake, cheese cake and the chocolate chewy cake.. If want me to choose only one, I want the chocolate chewy cake !

  5. I prefer the sweet corn and the cheese ones...not fond in chocolate stuff..

  6. I love all kinds of cakes as long as they are moist and fluffy.. so it was fun steing cakes in your kitchen huh?? must be smelling good throughout August, haha!! I will pick the sweet corn (#3) and the chewy chocolate (#7)..

  7. Wow! you are so clever to experiment all flavours by steaming them! I really like those steamed cakes for a nice change as the texture is different and good.

  8. The corn flavour is always my favorite too as they tend to give out some fragrance.

  9. I would love to try one of each!! hahahaha.. Greedy me... steaming is ok cos I dont have oven as yet... :)

  10. oh...eno makes it smile ah. no wonder mine tarak smile. thanks. will try it next time. LOL 7 cakes.... can la...can eat la

  11. I like the butter chocolate cake!


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