Mid-Autumn Festival

A friend of ours, came back for a short holiday from UK. So, we decided to have a grand dinner with her. Some friends from Taiping and KL came to Ipoh for the celebration. 

After the dinner, we went over to a friend's place for lantern lighting. I had brought some lanterns and candles from my shop.

Those were the days we used to play lanterns..

It was a happy occasion for all of us.

Since the lanterns were still in good condition, I kept them for my next gathering with my Chang Jiang customers.

Here, kids played..

Some of the kids were my friend's neighbours. 
They too joined in the fun.

Of course, Mid-Autumn is not auspicious without a moon cake.

With my friends, a friend baked some special mooncakes for all of us.

With my customers, I brought some moon cakes from the shop.

These two occasion were the best since we left childhood.

Happy mid-Autumn to all...

May your life be filled with love and happiness!


  1. Honolulu is having the same today!


  2. Thanks! Happy mid-Autumn to you and your family too. May your lives be filled with love and happiness too! What a happy and nice gathering.

  3. Good that you keep the festive season going, Wenn!

  4. wow!! that was a very nice gathering, you were all classmates back then?? surely reminded us of those days we had celebration for the mid-autumn festival.. nice lanterns, and I guess you have some hanging in your shop too?? :)

  5. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family...

  6. Looks really fun, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you & family too.. We just had a simple dinner at mil's..

  7. Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and family! You had so much fun!

  8. The background lanterns are so lovely and gives a festive mood.

  9. have loads of fun ya. Hahaha....so many pretty tanglungs

  10. Not very happening this year at Taiping... MPT don't allow stalls to set up on lake garden, and no fire crackers too!

  11. I miss those days, long time didn't get to light up a lantern already...


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