Birthday gathering

Last September, we gathered for the first time to celebrate our birthdays together. There were 5 of us. I bought a birthday day to celebrate with my friends. And I actually treated all of them. At that time there were 9 of us attending the gathering. 

This September, we gathered again yesterday for lunch at the same restaurant. But only 3 of us celebrated together. 2 couldn't make it. There were only 7 of us. This time, I brought a moon cake instead to replace the birthday cake.

We had lots of fun chatting, eating and joking away. I wanted to treat them again this time. But someone outsmarted me. She paid without me knowing it. 

Thank you my friend for your generosity.

We shall have our birthdays celebration at the same place annually.


  1. That is a nice gathering with your friends. A way to keep in touch and cherish your friendship. Happy birthday to those that celebrating this year.

  2. Nice gathering, I like.. A good way to keep in touch with good friends, good people.. happy birthday to your friends that are celebrating their birthdays..

  3. Happy Birthday to those friends born in September...

  4. nice gathering you had with your customer-turn-good-friends, and it's cool to have so many September babies together.. mooncakes instead of birthday cake?? haha.. that's special~~ :)

  5. You are always caring and remembers everyone on any occasion. That makes you a WENNderful woman with many happy returns and blessing.

    1. The background of your blog is so colourful and vibrant. My mood lighted up suddenly!

  6. It is always fun to gather and catch up every year. So nice of your friend to surprise you by paying the bill.

  7. Happy birthday to you and your friends

  8. That's a wonderful event! Me too, a sept baby. Happy birthday to you all!

  9. Can tell you enjoy being surrounded by friends ;)

  10. Yah, can plan it make it annually for sure it would happen if plan early! =]


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