Fitline during Beijing Trip

 Well, this post was posted in Jun 2011. It's two years ago. I was amazed to see Fitline products in Lina's blog. It sort of inspires me to talk about Fitline but not about running with Fitline. I used to run in 2006 with Fitline Fitness Drink. It really helped to boost my stamina when I was working out at the gym. It also helped to maintain my stamina when I was running in 2006. Not the grand marathons but just the small runs organised by the Ipoh runners Club.

 Looking through my posts about Fitline, I want to share this post. Also to remember my Afternoon Supervisor, Pn Sofiah. She had been the best teacher I had ever met. She has already retired and I hope to look her up one fine day. I missed her..

So here goes my story..

I went to Beijing in June 2006. It was about a year since I started consuming Fitline. I had been successful and I was still eager to promote it at that time. I brought along the products to Beijing. I let my tour people tried it but I didn't manage to sign them up. They were rather sceptical.

Beijing at that time was summer. It was terribly hot. The day was windy and one could easily get sands in the eyes. That's why we had to wear sunglasses and even caps.

me and Pn Sofiah

Well, everyday during the trip, without fail I would feed my afternoon supervisor with Fitline. I had to keep her healthy as I could see one by one fell sick. Majority fell sick during the trip. Some fell sick immediately after the trip.

To my amazement, my supervisor and I were not sick at all. Seeing the truth with her own eyes, she started to consume Fitline. I signed her up and she even introduced the products to her family. I taught her how to keep healthy.

So wherever I go, fitline follows.



  1. it's like vitamins? well good that you're healthy. Stay healthy always!

  2. Vitamin(replaced apple) a day keep a doctor away

  3. Summer in Beijing is hotter than in Malaysia...

    BTW, if you want to have my old book, please give me your address...

  4. Fitline is a MLM? So you are actively doing MLM now?

  5. liao, I run marathon sure win kah?

  6. Isaac, Fitline is supplements. It consists of Basics, Activize and Restorate.

  7. Edwin, supplement is vital in this modern age.

  8. khengsiong, the heat was terrible in Beijing and our immune system got to be tip-top.

  9. foongpc, fitline is indeed MLM. Now I am committed to the shop. So not active anymore.

  10. pete, I had tried Fitline Fitness Drink n it had helped me with my stamina in running.

  11. You are very active in MLM right? :p It's good to consume supplements as they are good for us.

  12. tekkaus, I m not active anymore. Just a few of my friends are consuming continuously.


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