My friend in England

I have a friend, SS. We were neighbors when we were in secondary school. We used to cycle to school together. She is a great friend of mine.
After we left Form 5, she and another friend, SL left for England to do nursing. They actually asked me if I wanted to go with them. But I was not able to do so. Firstly, I had financial constrain and secondly, I couldn't stand the sight of blood.

So off they went and we kept in touch with each other. Finally, when they had finished the nursing course, SS stayed back but SL came back.

SS got married to an English man and she has two handsome boys. She used to come back to Malaysia every 2 years or so. We used to meet each other.

This time round, I will be visiting her. I have just got in touch with her. I told her that I would be free on the last day of my Europe tour. She said that she would call me then and I hope we could meet each other again as the last time I saw her was in May 2008.


  1. Hope you have a meaningful meeting up with your friend, Wenn.. bring back great pictures for us here..

  2. So good to hear that you will be enjoying a European tour and meet your bestie!!! Enjoy!

  3. My friend also - wentto study nursing in the UK. Still there. Last time I saw her- 1973...when she was leaving to go there! LOL!!!

  4. enjoy your gathering with friends.


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