My late MIL

Last night, I was at my BIL's place as his son is getting married today. After the buffet dinner, all the brothers and sisters gathered together and they were talking history.

My BIL (my husband's brother) has 7 sisters and 3 brothers. They were talking about their mum who had passed away for quite some time.

My 7th SIL said that her mum favored the 5th sister, and the last brother. The last brother would be given the drumstick while the 5th sister would be given chicken wings.

She herself would be given chicken neck and feet. Her father would be given the breast.

The 3rd sister said that her mum would beat her and she felt that she was being abused. At times she even felt like committing suicide.

After hearing all these, I told them that to me their mum was my best MIL. She would prepare half-boiled eggs for me even though I didn't quite like it. She would also keep some food for me as I used to come back late in the evening after school. Otherwise, the workers would finish all those dishes.

To me, my MIL was a charming loving person. I love to go marketing with her and even helped her in the kitchen. I actually learned cooking from her.

I missed her. How I wish she's still alive..


  1. Life is truly short and time flies so swiftly. Our loved ones never leave us for their memories live on forever.

  2. Different people have different view

  3. errr, so are you the wife of the last brother??

  4. Different perspectives.

    But as a mother myself one really can't see our own "crimes" or "sins" but I think basically mothers need to be fair at all times and to all the children love equally. I know it is hard.

    In my family we all took turn to eat the drumstick. And we were of course given our favourite parts at times when we were supposed to get the favours. And it would also depend on the general consensus. So it was quite democratic and mum was not an autocratic despot.

  5. she sayang-ed your husband so sure sayang the DIL as well.. my MIL was also not bad.. very quiet and gentle..

  6. Would say it all begins with give out good vibes your received the same. The universal law of karma cant tell a lie.

  7. Body will dissaper but the memories still..I know you miss her a lot..

  8. To a mother, she thinks that she treats all her children with equal love but the children often thinks otherwise. You are a good DIL, hence get your MIL's sayang.

  9. i heard old people telling me that if the mil loves the son, she will love the dil as well :-)

  10. You are good,

    How sad for children talk like that.

    For a while, my mum gave me a choice piece, because it was me to fed the smelly ducks and chicken.

    My mum always chopped the wing part to look like drum sticks, so my youngers 4 siblings had the KAI PIAE.


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