Aladdin at Amphitheatre

Off we went to the Amphitheatre for the Aladdin Musical..

We had to walk quite a distance..

before we hopped in the Sunway Lagoon Express.

A short while later, we reached the Amphitheatre.

awesome stage

The show started on time.
Videoing and flash photographing are not allowed there.
Here's some photos..
great dancers

Jafar pestered Aladdin to enter the cave to retrieve the magical lamp.

He was trapped in the cave but genie from the lamp saved his life.

Aladdin was transformed into a handsome prince.

Jasmine knew that the prince was Aladdin.

Jafar caught both Jasmine and the King.
and the story went on..

Here's the King..


the genie

 Happily married after all!

It a great musical show..

Love the old-timed song, 'A whole new world'


  1. residents in klang valley are so fortunate to be exposed to these cultural/stage/musical shows.

  2. One of my favorite classic tales. Wish the genie is real though! Lol

  3. Walk? Good thing I didn't go. LOL!!!

  4. yeah, that seems to be a very nice musical show..

  5. My last show with my daughter was "Holiday on Ice". Yes they are very professional and very punctual.

  6. WOW -This is nice & am sure you had good time with family :)

    Long the time i had not set foot on Sunway pyramid or lagoon - outdated oledi


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