Punctured tyre

Yesterday afternoon I parked my car at the car park. I didn't notice anything wrong with my car tyres. When I wanted to go back home in the evening, I didn't notice anything weird too. 

Later when I wanted to go back to the shop, it was raining. I just drove all the way to the shop. Normally I would park my car on the other side of the road. But since it was raining, I parked my car just opposite my shop.

I went inside the shop and resumed my duties. A short while later, my staff called me and pointed to my car tyre on the front left. I was shocked to see that it was flat!

How come I didn't realize it when I was driving earlier?

Since it was already past 6pm, I doubt mechanics were still on duty. Luckily, my husband has a friend who came immediately to help changed the tyre.

I am thankful that my husband has the initiative to get it done for me without me telling him to do so..


  1. Husbands like that mah! That's why a woman needs a man around. LOL!!!

  2. that's what husbands are for.
    you're so lucky to have a husband so thoughtful


  3. you've got a great husband.. :)

  4. Join AAM or any other car break down services. They are quite helpful and handy at times of trouble. Both husband and wife should take care of each other one way or another. Your hubs friend is also your friend..haha ~;).

  5. Just thought of a 'silly' or rather an ignorant case and would like to share with all as this may happen to us as well. My buddy's wife's car can't start and he is in B'worth unable to help his wife in Penang. Called a mechanic to assist. The matter was resolved in less than 20 seconds by shifting the gear lever to 'P' instead of 'D'. Vroom car kick started immediately. Happy driving.

  6. Change tyre should be an easy skill to pick up for emergency- thankfully it's not work of predator out to make some extra for holiday season

    Happy weekend :)

  7. lucky and very good of your hubi. :)


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