My girl's break.

My girl had a week long break from work so she came back home. As a mum, I pampered her with home-cooked food. She had not been eating regular balanced meal during work.

Everyday, I would prepare lunch for her. She loved eating no matter what I cooked. For dinner, she had to share our catered food as I had to work till late.

Friday is always the best day for me. I can go back earlier as it's pasar malam night. So two days ago, I had a date with my girl. She drove me to Parkson and we had Sushi King.
She had her set of dinner whereas I had fried Udon.

Sunday is also my day as I don't need to go to work. Since my girl was home, the boss closed the shop a little earlier and we went for a good lunch.

Chinese lunch and she loved the fried 'suet yi' (dory fish) the most.

She's back to her place and I wonder when will be her next break..

Always love my kids to spend their time at home.


  1. Didn't ask someone to take a family picture for you all?

  2. A wonderful time spend with your girl.

  3. It's always nice to spend time with our kids!

  4. Good that the father joined you all for a good family lunch.

  5. Wah, so nice, yeah, mummy's home cooked food is always the best.. I always see your homecooked lunch in FB, and it looks real good, food that I grew up with, those fried fish, etc..

  6. so nice having your girl back home for a week.. while you enjoyed cooking for her as well as eating out with her, I am sure she enjoyed that too!! mom's homecooked food is always the best huh?? :)

  7. She sure lucky to have her pamper her with lovely food. :)

  8. Pampering our kids is pure joy... nowadays we don't get to see them often.. *Wenn, I think suet yi is cod fish? or am I wrong?* :)

  9. What a doting mommy .... and a lucky gal!! Yeah, usually moms love to cook for their children while we men will usually buy them stuffs they like. I just got a sports shoes for my boy!

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  11. What a happy family again to have your lovely daughter home again.
    Even boss looked happy!

  12. This daughter must be the one flying now. Her job could be fun and tiring at times. Mummy needs to feed her with lots of good food to stay strong and healthy.

  13. Very blessed family, you are great parent to Jane.

  14. She misses home cooked food I am sure..good that you are still young and your children have already grown up.


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