New gadget

Finally I have got two new gadgets for my phone.

The i-space adapter cable. 
I had actually misplaced my set so I couldn't transfer my pictures into my laptop. So you can imagine I have lots of photos in my gallery. I had even deleted most of them after I had posted them.

But I like to keep them as backup. Recently I used Dropbox but its space is so limited. I tried Cloud Album and yet to know if it's limited too.

Yesterday night, I went into oppo shop and enquired about any adapter cable which might be suitable. So I found one. It cost RM35. Most importantly it worked..

Next, I have got a new cover for my phone. Originally, it was white and it got dirty. I had been trying to get the original one. Luckily I found it. I would love other color but they only had this color and the same white ones.

I was surprised that I could trade in my old one for 20% discount. Great! Instead of RM89.90, I just paid RM72.

My phone looks new all over again!


  1. I don't have any gadgets for my phone.. Ok maybe just a power bank and a striking pink cover, that's all.. Recently I see my colleagues crazy over LED light & fan for their phones as well... Hmmmm..

  2. Cool color for your phone cover. The most colourful cover I ever had was red. Haha.

  3. oh useful gadgets.. the iSpace is an adapter or just the data/charging cable?? i think both the cable and cover are very important, in fact i have many backups for them, because i always need to charge my phone and i always need protection for my phone, hahaha!!

  4. I had an external hard disk, usually those photos, i transfer to the external hard disk...

  5. A phone as good as new with a new cover and you can backup your photos again with the i space.

  6. wow...I also got a cover for my iphone 6+ few days ago. Love your gadgets, so handy for managing your pics as well as a nice cover.

  7. Dropbox has 5 GB memory, that's isn't enough? That's temporary storage only, don't depend on it too much, always have a backup is good for everything.

  8. useful thing. Yea sometimes space are so limited so have to find external storage

  9. Useful gadgets, beautiful the color of the cover!


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