Ninth Emperor God Festival

The Ninth Emperor God Festival starts on the 13 Oct till 21 Oct. My mum made a date with the temple as she would stay there throughout the 9 days. On the 14 Oct which was the second day, I sent my mum to the temple. 

Here's the entrance to the dormitory.
My first time sending my mum.

Surprised to see the place which was clean and orderly.

My two friends from Ipoh followed me to Taiping for a day trip. After putting my mum there, we went to get our lunch at the casual market.

After our lunch, we went shopping at the Store nearby. As it was raining, we just took a drive along the Lake Garden. Since the rain wouldn't stop, we had our tea break at Taiping Mall.

I had to be back to the shop before 6pm. So we left after visiting a friend and my aunt.


  1. Oh. I didnt know they have such facility in temple.

  2. Your mum is very kind and knows the good blessings for being there.
    It is so heart warming to see you sending her there! Good daughter!

  3. Me also didn't know they have such facility in temple...

  4. Living in the temple means eating vegetarian meals during all 9 days of the festival I believe. Is this correct?

  5. I went to the temple in Ampang (the Ampang in KL, not the Ampang in Ipoh) last Thursday to pray the Nineth Emperor.. it was 2pm+ and yet was so crowded, I just burnt the insense, place them in urns, made some donations and left.,

  6. many people are staying there for 9 days every year during this period, and they all wear white and only eat vegetarian.. also it's supposed to rain heavily for the period, but this year it is not raining and the haze kept coming back..

  7. People are looking forward to the kau wong yeh, with hopes it will wash away the haze.. But despite heavy rains, the haze still come back..Oh, your mum stays there for 9 days? I didn't know got such facility at the temple..

    1. Yea, I hope so too, heard during this festival, it will rains a lot.

    2. This year she just stayed for a few days.

  8. It stopped raining the past two days here.

  9. What an experience to stay there for 9 days.


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